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Hello folks! No comic today because I am doing a big push to try to finally get book 2 finished this week. Hopefully I’ll still have something for you on friday though.

I’m a little annoyed this morning because someone who bought two of my t-shirts has claimed that they didn’t authorise the payment, and so paypal has taken the money back. I don’t know if someone used a stolen credit card to order Beaver and Steve t-shirts or if someone just decided they didn’t want to pay for them and so asked their credit card company for the money back, but either way they got two free t-shirts that I had to pay for. Please remember folks: the comics are FREE, the t-shirts are NOT.

Anyway, to make up for the absence of a comic today, here are a few pages from my sketch book:

Oh my crikey!
INTERESTING FACT! the little square guy and the guy with a triangle for a head are called ‘Elvis and Boxy’. They are the precursors of Beaver and Steve that I used to draw in my university days.


Fatty McFatskull
INTERESTING FACT! I have a hair in my scanner.

I think I just remembered why I don’t post pictures from my sketchbook. They are entirely unfit for human consumption