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Tastefully done

Hello folks! I’m having a week off trying to nail this paid comic thing (I don’t want to give too many details because I am already incredible nervous about it, and don’t want to build it up any further than I already have), but so far progress is slow with a capital SL (it is so slow that the second letter is capitalised too). I think I am going to have to trick myself into thinking that it it’s just a webcomic that I am going to give away for free thus instantly removing all pressure. Except, you know, I have to make it really good. Nuts.

Anyway, The real reason of this post is to let you know that there is a new 2008 calendar available that contains a self portrait of yours truly! I’m right there at the top of February. Oh yeah, and did I mention I pictured completely naked? In the buff. Wearing my birthday suit. Starkers. Well, except for my fez of course.

So if you want to see me in all my glory, I suggest you purchase a copy of TASTEFULLY DONE from Lulu where I’m featured alongside 12 other great webcomic artists. It’s all for charity so git going!