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Two things!

At the last minute I have aquired a table for the UK Webcomix Thing this Saturday, so I have been working on a few pages of all-new Beaver and Steve adventures to share with people who come to see me at the event. Hopefully the characters will have defrosted properly in time for the event (they might still be a bit cold in the middle). Here is a little preview:

Oh Steve!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it – I’m sure the comics will be finding their way online in some form or another eventually.

And in infinitely more charitable news, I have contributed an illustration for the Going Going Gone Red charity auction. A bunch of super excellent artists (and me) have all contributed either a head, a body or some legs to a giant game of picture consequences, and the resulting gestalt entities will be auctioned off for charity at the end of this month. Here’s my contribution:

Who know what wondrous body little little be-fezzed fellow will be riding around in?

Beaver and Steve skinned alive!

Oh! I forgot to post this little bit of Beaver and Steve fun – one of my readers has put a lot of work into creating a Beaver and Steve skin for Messenger Plus (don’t worry he didn’t actually skin Beaver and Steve and then stretch their bloody pelts across the internet. That would be wrong.) and it looks fantastic:

I especially love all the little icons – look Beaver is on the phone! It is ADOREABLE.
Anyway if you are a person who uses Messenger Plus! (N.B I am not excited by the word ‘plus’ – the exclamation mark is part of the name. The Microsoft corporation is forcing me to be enthusiastic about their product through clever branding.) then you should probably immediately download it here:


Do it now! (N.B now my excitement is genuine)


Ok, so after some people suggested I find an artist to do the strip for me, I tried to think of people who I felt I could trust my precious precious baby with. But when I realised that everyone who is a good artist is also going to be busy working on their own webcomics, so I decided: screw it, I’ll just let everybody draw it.

I don’t know if this is going to work since it’s a very short deadline (I plan nothing in advance, NOTHING!), and the initial script for the entries is a little uneventful … maybe all the entries will be terrible (assuming I get any at all), but at least this will ease things off for me. And who knows, maybe it will turn out excellent and I will find some incredibly talented artist to draw the comics on a regular basis for a while! The anticipation!