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Chacha Chowdhary and chums

 Today in an effort to keep the bunny at bay, I’ve tried drawing some indian comic characters. Here’s the hero of the comic, Chacha Chowdhary, and his friends (I don’t have a scanner here, so these are all photographed from my sketch book):

Sabu is from Jupiter.

Next I drew some of the villains that Chacha comes up against:

If you turn robot zed’s hat around he does the opposite of what his master tells him! That seems like a bit of a design flaw to be honest. And please don’t ask me what is going on with Mister Fix’s eyes because I have no idea

Some of the villains are really odd:

Obina is pretty cocky about having two heads, but he doesn’t even mention his plant pot hats, dog’s tail or kick-ass turtleneck sweater. I am not really sure what is going on with that guy.

Chacha also has a lot of trouble from outer space:

Strange woman, I am not sure those heels really suit you.

Comic ideas I will almost certainly never create

Festive greetings to you! As a christmas treat, here are a bunch of comic ideas that I came up with a while ago that I will almost certainly never actually create. Feel free to buy these ideas off me for millions of pounds. Or two packets of crisps and a Werther’s original (wrapped).

Well they are, obviously.

Happy Cyber-Fathers’ Day!

 Ok, I have been very bad at updating my livejournal. Here’s the picture I drew for my fathers’ day card to tide you over:


(Bonus James Turner fact: I work for the company that makes the special effects for Doctor Who! I knew he was going to be wearing a fez in that last episode weeks ago, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone!)