15 thoughts on “How To Make Comics

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      The vortex can take many forms (although I think watching cartoons is probably more productive!). If you’re really lucky it can even make you do housework!

  1. alisa5179

    This is amazing! I just need to switch out “video game vortex” to “wasting time on the internet” as my biggest loop and it closely mirrors my process… I also love the self doubt goblin.

  2. Anonymous

    Loved it! I actually spent time going through every loop…

    What video games are you wasting your time with these days, and what system are you on?

  3. j_n_white

    A friend just sent me a link to this and you have perfectly summed up the creative process. So that leaves me sitting on the “God everyone is making such good comics!” space.


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