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  1. Anonymous


    I’d have bought them both (especially if the antromorphic T-Shirt would also have an “teehee” in it’s world bubble).
    Find another distributor who is willing to sell them and I’ll buy them!
    Maybe you could make a posting in your Facebook group (which you should do anyways more often), asking who is interested. If you get enough responses they could probably put them in stock also (even though I would prefer a company in europe…)

      1. Anonymous

        Re: JH

        Makes perfect sense! Why settle for something without a teehee in it? I think we all know what you gotta do now πŸ™‚

        But honestly, I really would like to buy this two Shirts (maybe even more… you should create your own brand πŸ˜‰ ). They both have the randomness and sillyness I love about the “NeurosugeryKit” and “Shoe”-TShirts (The chosen owl-Shirts lacks a bit in this regard in my opinion).
        Anything we fans can do to see them get printed anyway? I’d even wear them again in front of a camera while doing experiments :).

  2. eadesmust

    The ‘sentient’ t-shirt design is brilliant!

    It reminded me of the old Oink! comic strip ‘Hector Vector and his talking T-shirt’, although this chap looks slighty more chirpy than the one poor Hector had to wear.

    Great stuff!


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