17 thoughts on “I am a political cartoonist now.

          1. eruditebaboon Post author

            Re: JH

            Sadly most people do not recognise the threat that pandas represent. I hope one day to amend this issue, but this cartoon was not the place to do it.

          2. Anonymous

            Re: JH

            But someone has to warn the people! Think about all the harm an unnoticed bamboo-munching no-goodnik could do.
            You sir have an obligation to society! And we all remember the words uttered by spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility!”

            Sincerely, JH

  1. strix_an_stones

    zomg… I saved and forwarded to my dad who is a pilot – he’ll love this! He hates flying commercially, every time he does he gets stopped and strip-searched due to schrapnel from Vietnam. You should see the treatment, it is heinous. Even moreso since he’s Greek (foreign sounding last name, yes, they actually said that) and “swarthy” people are morons.


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