Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ok, so I am not actually dead.

Sorry for the prolonged break in posts – travelling to other countries and a commute to the mouth of hell and back each day (well, Twickenham actually, but they are similar) have eaten up a lot of my time in the last few months, but I have been doing ‘things’ and I will be posting them here. Honest!

Anyway, there is some t-shirt related news: firstly my t-shirts are not going to be available from Topatoco for much longer, so if you want to get one you should probably buy it pretty soon, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. The shirts can be found here, for now. I guess there are too many hot young webcartoonists out there today, with hot young t-shirts of their own to sell, but I’ll show them! *shakes wizened fist*

But if you are still hungry for my own brand of t-shirt-related nonsense, you are in luck, because I have produced a shirt design for shirt.woot which has just gone on sale this week! It has an owl on it :

If you’d like to buy this shirt, it’s going to be available for a little while longer from this site here.

And I will be posting stuff again soon. I … I promise?