15 thoughts on “Did somebody report a … booglary?

  1. cdave

    I love the turtle neck. So ’70s.

    I keep finding “word” and “word.” cropping up in conversations recently and append it with “crime fighting duo”.

    Silly game. Click Twice.

    Vladimír and Rötteln, together they fight crime.

    Norwegian_School_of_Economics_and_Business_Administration and Northern_Ireland_Prison_Service Together they fight crime.
    (Ha! Randomised satire)

    Bucura_Lake and Surface tension together they … okay so it doesn’t always work.

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      I don’t think I will be going to any conventions until the Thing next year – I’ve been too long out of the comicking game, and need to make some more stuff to have something worth showing. But I hear lots of good people are going, so it’s probably worth checking out.

  2. spinnerdisc

    Is Boo the ghost?? Is the man also a ghost?? Are they ghosts who do police work, or do they police ghosts, or BOTH?? Will there be a Finch character named “Atticus”??

    So many questions. So many possibilities.

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      I imagine that they arrest ghost criminals, for unlicensed haunting, rattling chains without a permit, that sort of thing. It – it seemed funny at the time?

  3. Anonymous

    Fabulous Work

    I’ve just had the pleasure of checking out a whole load of you work – lovely stuff and I’m really impressed by the diversity of it all from the kids neurosurgery kit to Beerzilla.

    But really heartening to see that there is still a healthy and inspired group of creatives such as yourself determined to keep UK comics alive despite the untimely demise of the much lamented DFC.

    Love the Radley and Boo visual too…

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      Re: Meat Fairy Tattoo

      I think the wearer of the tattoo sent me that picture when it was first done – but I must strongly object to its appearance on a site called ugliest tattoos!


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