21 thoughts on “I have invented an adoreable new character

  1. boktingen

    I think you’re onto something. 20 years from now, James Turner Inc. will be the biggest company in the world, Turner Land will be an amusement park ten times bigger than California, and little children everywhere will wear Quentin hats and shirts and shorts and play with Quentin toys and their Quentin video games on their Nintendo Wooos.

    Quentin may not seem like much right now, but one day he will be the face of an empire!

    Congratulations, sir!

    (by the way, Quentin, good day to you to, I guess I got so carried away with predicting the future that I forgot my manners!)

  2. rewnad

    Good day to you too Quentin.

    If I were you I’d worry less about which orifice you speak with and more about which you poop from.

    One hopes they aren’t the same one…

  3. hrymr


    lewis carroll meets h.p. lovecraft! i want a comic with quentin & friends! just tell me your address so i can supply you with more drugs while you create it!


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