My upper lip is once again bared for the whole world to see. Hopefully I will not be ogled by too many philtrum fetishists.

As you can probably tell by my lack of updates I am still really struggling to make comics: this is highly vexatious. In the interests of stopping worrying and re-learning to enjoy making comics, I am going to try to take on the Bad Comic Challange, as demonstrated by Nedroid and KC Green (whos bad comics I can’t find a link for) (and also sort of by Ryan Pequin), but my attempts last night were so bad that I was too embarrassed to upload them.

I suspect this may mean I am missing the point of the bad comics challenge.

16 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. raisegrate

    More comics! Less not-comics! I think I have made my opinions very clear on this matter. I want you to write a 3 page operetta involving a love triangle betwixt a lady lobster lawyer with a heart of gold, a loveable chimney sweep with a mysterious past, and George the Exploding George. ReadyGO.

  2. kinokofry

    I’d been really struggling with this myself recently.

    My best advice is to do whatever you need to do to step way back from everything and say, “Fuck it”.

    For me, it was a mix of reading new things that I really fucking loved (and actually doing that when I would normally convince myself I had to do comics, and learning to be okay with that. Again, saying “Fuck it” is an important part of this.) and also accepting that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did, and that I was worse than I thought I was, and that I didn’t need to please who I thought I needed to please. And that was really liberating! It sounds like it’s terrible for your self confidence but somehow, it’s better.

    Also, it really helped that I did something I thought would disappoint people, but made me happy to do. Something I really just plain enjoyed the process of.

    Also! I’ve started actively working on new techniques that I admire in others’ work but know I am very lacking in, like drawing people. I’m doing tracing exercises and everything. My drawings suck and I know it, but that’s cause I’m learning a new thing, really. And I’m excited about getting better.

    I go through waves of getting caught up in the stress of thinking I need to please everyone, or anyone, and that each new thing needs to be better than the last, and I need to do the same thing, but better, etc.

    This might be a TOTALLY different issue to what you’re dealing with, but there ya go. Those are some of my problems. And I feel pretty good right now, and all of a sudden, I’m excited about comics and drawing again!

    I also make sure I say ‘drawing’ a lot, and not ‘work’ all the time, too 😐

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      I think it is a similar issue – all I can think about when I start to draw is ‘no one will like this’, so I just give up. I have forgotten the number one rule of comics: draw for yourself!

      Oh no, wait, that is the number two rule. Number one is to draw a mongoose in every panel. I always forget that one.

  3. ellenlindner

    In terms of you having trouble with comics, all I can say is that I LOVE panels 2+4 of this one (and have a respectful regard for 1+3). They’re funny and very stylish.

  4. tozocomic

    Perhaps you could just try drawing stuff without trying to make a comic and then maybe it will sneakily turn itself into a comic when you’re not looking?

  5. bogmad

    I had the same experience shaving my beard off the other day. Except it wasn’t as tearful a goodbye, but more of a battle with parasitic symbiote trying to gain dominion over me. It said mean things like “You’ll no longer be able to trick people that you have more of a chin by carving a jaw line into your face.”


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