Kinokfry Guest Strip! (and things eating other things)

It’s been awfully quiet around here the last few weeks hasn’t it? That’s mostly because I have been doing important things like going to Morocco and growing a moustache, but somehow I still found time to make a guest strip for the brilliantly bizarre webcomic, Kinokofry – you can see it here (WARNING: contains some WISHES).

I have also made some pictures for the exciting new internet sensation that everyone is talking about: Small Things Eating Big Things. For all your small things eating larger things needs!

9 thoughts on “Kinokfry Guest Strip! (and things eating other things)

  1. mrmxy

    I saw the words “bizarre webcomic” and for a few seconds I thought you’d done a guest strip for MY bizarre webcomic (imaginatively named “Bizarre Webcomic”, without the quotes), even though you’ve probably never seen it, and said to myself: “What a wonderful surprise!”

    I guess I should be disappointed now, but that was much too awesome to allow any sadness. Damn it.


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