Obsessive Gaming Disorder

I was all set to draw my first episode of Brunel and Stovie this weekend, but I encountered a little stumbling block along the way – a little game called Friggin’ Plants Vs Goddam Zombies. Oh god I hate this game, but it will not let me stop playing! Damn you with your cute graphics and surprising depth! I WILL KILL YOU!

I have come to realise that I should just not be allowed to buy games – they always seem like a fun little diversion when I start, but before I know it I am sitting in my underwear, watering virtual plants at 4 in the morning, wondering where my life went wrong – but unable to stop until I have unlocked every. last. little. thing. ARGGGGH.

Ah, who am I kidding? I love Plants Vs Zombies! Weeeeeeeeeee!


6 thoughts on “Obsessive Gaming Disorder

  1. snej

    You should submit those pictures to !

    …but not before drawing a new episode of Sleever and Beavis, or whatever it was called. I still sort of miss it.


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