67 thoughts on “Misunderstanding Comics

      1. Anonymous

        Holy Moly

        I didn’t realise you were posting comics online again- even one-offs and random sketches is better than the stuff I read regularly. I particularly like the true life stories, makes me feel a bit better about nearly screaming the first time I drove at 5mph at the age of 24.

        You’ve come a long way since Terror in Room 76, and you’ll go a long way yet.

        A friend.

  1. rewnad

    Very, very Awesome. I love the new characters too, you should totally do a long running comic detailing all their antics and adventures! ^_^

    1. Anonymous

      they are named Beaver and Steve, and they have their own website.

      And please bring them out of hiatus! I’m going through withdrawals “shudder”

    1. Anonymous

      i cant follow this for shit left to right makes no sense nor does top to bottom or right to left or bottom to top.

          1. eruditebaboon Post author

            If you read from left to right what Beaver says makes sense, while Steve’s comments seem to be nonsense. But if you read from top to bottom Steve makes sense and Beaver talks nonsense. It’s two comics in one!

  2. snej

    Brilliant! And not just because it has Beaver & Steve in it, or because of the vomit joke(s).

    To be TRULY Scott-McCloud-worthy, though, it needs to be about 8,000 pixels wide.

  3. Anonymous

    I still dont get it. it goes left to right, but it doesn’t make sense like that. Do i have to put them in order?

    I guess im not smart enough to enjoy beaver and steve. πŸ™

    1. Anonymous

      bulgaria wooo

      Dear Mr. Turner, I’d like to inform you that a picture of you(James Turner)is posted on the wikipedia page of some other guy named James Turner(James Turner- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Turner_(illustrator)). The other James Turner doesn’t look like you at all and he is bald and has a dumb stache, unlike your un-bald and handsome self(James Turner), so I guess you should fix that dookie, or have someone fix it for you(not me though, I’m too busy being helpful/annoying). So there.

  4. toastyken

    My goodness, that is the most brilliant formalist comic I’ve read in a while!

    Man, my brain hurts when I try to figure out the elf’s point of view…

  5. lillianz


    I am going to forward this to EVERYONE
    and form a collection of superior comic readers that understood this comic and whom has all read the two version of this same comic the first time round
    and you sir will be our god

    excellent day to you Mr. Turner

  6. Anonymous

    Intellectual Brainstuffs

    This sir, is a work of genius. McCloud would surely approve. Besides, who could say no to an impossible vortex of infinite regurgitation?

    Hey so I really want to include this as an example in one of my English lit. essays for university. Would you be okay with me using it? You’d be properly credited, of course, and I’d only have good things to say.


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