May flights of angel fish sing thee to thy rest

Loomba the goldfish passed on to the fish tank in the sky yesterday. We will remember her always.

In happier news, the fantastically talented Garen Ewing‘s book, the Rainbow Orchid, is getting close to it’s release date, so I strongly recommend that you have a read of the preview and preorder your copy now – it’s a rip-roaring adventure in a classic style, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

3 thoughts on “May flights of angel fish sing thee to thy rest

  1. jeselvistheking

    we used to have orandas, those goldfish with the “brains” on their heads. They were awesome and got like 5 inches long. Those kind of fish are pretty freakin’ fragile. Seemed like they were always getting sick with something.

    Great idea for a badguy, actually, a super-genius oranda goldfish. His weakness and constant frustration would be that he’s stuck in a bowl and unable to pull levers, whatnot, that he needs to so he can’t take over the world. 🙂


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