51 thoughts on “On the creative process

      1. catboots

        I like how your target audience are kids, too. Kids have such crappy comics – who wants to read terrible stuff like the Beano when they could grow up reading Beaver and Steve?

      1. jabberworks

        Re: SOLID GOLD!!!

        David Fickling and I talked about you in front of the St Bride’s conference, trying to sell our Morris book with ‘James Turner says it makes him throw up in his mouth’. David said, ‘We should really put that on the back cover’ and I think he actually meant it! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Yes, you have entirely failed.

  1. mystiktomato

    If you made a webcomic that featured nothing but the mangled corpses of comic ideas, you would be taking all of my money as I buy the trade paperbacks, the movie tie-ins and the Xbox game that come from the success of it.

    Is that what you want? To take all my money?

    1. Anonymous

      Hahahahahaha! Rolling pins, like frying pans+violence=humour galore. But– wait!! So this is your highly elaborate excuse for not doing ANY WORK AT ALL for the last four months, eh sonny?

      I am not fooled! I drove past your house and saw all the balloons and party streamers. You have been living it up every night eating cake, playing video games and not drawing. Haven’t you?

      W P

  2. raisegrate

    aw, that’s metaphortastic!

    I don’t keep a rolling pin in with my art supplies, but I do have a spatula. And a pirate sword. And lots of dinosaur toys. Those are important.

    Have you been wearing the same shirt for 4 months, or have you changed it inbetween panels?

  3. mydclife

    I’m glad you have realized that fame can only come through the agony of children. Look at DaVinci. School children are still suffering through his art while he rolls around in his money filled coffin.

  4. theorah

    LOL! fantastic! haha surely nowadys if you manage to make kids cry, then it must be a profound peice of art? ๐Ÿ˜› hmm…a rolling pin aint a bad idea, maybe I should try that too…


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