Adoreable woodland creatures

Here’s a picture that I drew for   – he wanted people to draw pictures of majestic animals, but all I could find to draw was a squirrel:

I also drew a comic about a dinosaur (or possibly some sort of weird lizard) and a beaver smashing out of a block of ice, but I am having second thoughts about posting it. I mean, who would want to see such a thing?

20 thoughts on “Adoreable woodland creatures

  1. Anonymous

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! This makes giddy like a little child before a Xmas-Easter-Birthday in DisneyWorld!
    Someone in Germany can’t wait to see you post it!

  2. snej

    This reminds me of some pictures my son (a big B&S fan, btw) made last year — he exported PNG files of some of the creatures he’d made in Spore, and then took photographs around our yard, and composited the creatures into them so they looked as though they belonged there. They came out quite well.

    Dinosaurs and beavers have been so overdone. The public wants something new — why don’t you draw a round-headed neurotic kid? Or a talking undersea sponge? Or how about a really fat and sarcastic cat, who eats lasagna? Everyone loves cat jokes!

  3. Anonymous

    The world went into economic recession, the middle east peace process fell apart, and this whole crazy coughing pig death thing started after Beaver and Steve went away. Now, SOME people might say that’s co-incidence. But do you really want that possibility on your conscience for the rest of your life? Huh?

    1. raisegrate

      is your new chimera squirrel going to frolic amongst your monster concept?

      I LOVE comics about people smashing out of ice, I don’t even care what species the are.


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