Monthly Archives: April 2009


Here’s a monster which may or may not live in Monster World:


This was kind of inspired by the brilliant artwork of Israel Sanchez – although now that I look at his art it doesn’t really look anything like this! I guess I just got excited looking at all those cool monsters and wanted to draw one of my own. MONSTERS.

(I am also practicing drawing backgrounds! TREES.)

Getting back on the horse

In the interests of overcoming my comics block I am going to try to force myself to post more journal comics here. I spent the beginning of this week incredibly frustrated with my own lack of ability to pin myself down to an idea, so when I wrote this comic it was such a massive relief I felt a bit like I was an addict getting my fix. Yes, I am a junkie for embarrassing stories about my own lack of hand-eye coordination.

However I still couldn’t bring myself to completely redraw it so I just ended up inking the roughs. One step at a time eh?


I also drew a 1920’s style family for a friend (and then realised that it was supposed to be a 1940’s family, but what’s a couple of decades between friends?)

And I made an attempt to find a home for Andrew Wildman’s wandering speech bubble:



Inspired by these two themes on the Super Comics Adventure Squad blog.

And I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on my last post with words of wisdom and encouragement – I think I’ll go back and read those comments again whenever I’m thinking of packing it all in, and hopefully that will put a stop to my pitiful whining. The internet is filled with wonderful people!

comics and confidence

My cartooning confidence has been at a real low so far this year – every day I see great comics on the web that make me wonder how I can justify posting my own comics online. I thought I was doing ok when I started drawing Beaver and Steve comics for the Thing, but when I saw the amazing amount of talent on display there it knocked me right back down. Gah, stupid self confidence! Does anyone else struggle with this or is it just me?

Anyway, in order to get the juices flowing, I’ve been knocking around a few ideas for other comics. Here’s a team ine up for a comic I have imaginatively titled ‘monsterland’ :

They are kind of a team of monster hunters for hire, living in a sort of half fantasy half contemporary sort of world. One of the team is an adventurer chef.

I think the team might be too big to write for though – there are 7 characters already (and that’s only if you don’t count the two that live inside other characters pockets/heads that you can’t see here). Might strip it down a bit and then inevitably discard the idea entirely.

I think if I was going to be completely honest I’d probably rather start a completely new comic than go back to Beaver and Steve – I think the challenge would be good for me, and I’m maybe ready for something with a bit of a grander scope. But I’m also secretly scared that it would be a complete failure and all the people who liked Beaver and Steve would laugh and say I told you so. My brain is pretty good at coming up with these sorts of self-destructive fantasies – I’ll have to keep feeding it biscuits and hope that it just lets me get on with things.