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Super Animal Adventure Squad and the Case of the Baboon Bandit – part one!

Ok folks, here’s a link to the first episode of my comic on the Guardian website- I hope you like it!

I’ll post episode two next week!

P.S and here is a picture of it taken by my co-comic inhabitant Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks ) in it’s printed state:

It’s surprising how bad the quality of the actual printed paper is – they printed my edition completely wonky! The real DFC is much better!

Lazarus Lemming

Last night I realised that my wacom stylus came with one felt nib, which means that my pen doesn’t slip all over the screen when I draw anymore. It’s a whole new drawing sensation! To test it out I had a go at drawing another DFC character, Lazarus Lemming, by Dave Windett. It wasn’t a horrible experience!

Of course, it still took me about 2 hours to finish, but you know, practice, practice!

Super Animal Adventure Squad in the Guardian

My latest Super Animal Adventure Squad story will be running in the family section of the Guardian for the next 12 weeks, starting this saturday, so if you’d liek to see what it’s all about I suggest you head down to your newsagents and get yourself a copy. I’ll be appearing alongside the fearsomely talented Sarah McIntyre ([info]jabberworks) who has provided this handy guide to finding the comic section amongst the host of supplements that come every saturday:


See – there it is!

If you don’t live in the UK, or are otherwise unable to get your hands on a copy of the Guardian don’t fret! (I mean it – I can see you fretting at the back there) They seem to usually post the comics online (in a not-very-good-quality PDF, but I’ll take what I can get) after they’ve appeared in the paper, so I shall try to provide links to each issue as they come out.

I hope you enjoy the comic! It has pirates.

Hourly comics day

Ok, so this year I decided to join in with hourly comic day, and here are the thrilling, wonky-edged results:

I kind of messed up the hourly thing a bit at the end, because it seemed a little rude to start drawing comics in my neighbours house when I had never met them before. Also I was a bit drunk.

P.S it is my birthday today! Wee!