Monthly Archives: December 2008


Christmas is approaching and the festivity levels are off the scale, so as a special present to all of you the DFC has launched a new comic preview site where you can read episodes of all sorts of stories from the DFC, including my own strip, Super Animal Adventure Squad. The preview site is here – go take a look, and then have a thoroughly merry christmas. In that order.

the X-mas files

My comic was in on saturday – it’s in the online edition here. I’ll post a higher resolution version when I get the chance, since this is a bit blurry. Damn you, the Times, damn you and your blurry, blurry ways!

And DFC readers: the squad will be returning this friday for their biggest adventure yet!


Well there’s been no rotten fruit, but no comic either – apparently my publisher got mixed up with the dates, because try as I might I couldn’t find my comic in today’s issue of the Times anywhere. Maybe it will be in over the weekend? Comics are more of a weekend thing, right?

Of course it could all just be an elaborate ruse to boost the sales of the Times – I’m going to have to buy one every day until it appears.

EDIT: word on the street is that the comic will be in TOMORROW. We shall have to wait and see…

Super Animal Adventure Squad in the Times

Readers in the UK can get a little taste of minty-fresh Super Animal Adventure Squad action tomorrow – I have a one-off christmas special episode appearing in the book section of the Times as part of a DFC promotion, so make sure you pick up a copy if you want a look. I’ll try to post the comic here at some point to for those of you unable to pick up the paper due to geographical problems. It is quite exciting to be getting a proper comic in the Times, but I am also secretly terrified that lots of people will read it and think it is terrible, and no one will ever want me to draw a comic again. I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow and see if I get pelted with rotten fruit.

Also Super Animal Adventure Squad series 2 will finally be coming to the DFC in the next few weeks, so if you still haven’t picked up a copy now might be a good time to start thinking about it. You know, if you like comics and stuff. And since you are all my special special friends I have a couple of special special offers just for you:  If you follow this link you can get 4 issues for just £9.99, and if even that is too much for you you can get santa himself to personally deliver a free issue to your doorstep by clicking here. I’m not sure if I’m even supposed to be sharing these secret links with you, but I have a desperate need to share the DFC love and I WILL NOT  BE STOPPED.

Oh, since it’s almost christmas I should probably mention I still have lots of excellent books and shirts still available, but you’d better order soon if you want them for Christmas.