Greetings, sugar-rich bee by-product

I'm a real boy now

This is the sort of beautiful imagery you can expect if you order a book personalisation – isn’t it just magical?

If you’re coming to see me at BICS this weekend make sure you come down on the Saturday – I’m going to be back in london on Sunday so that I can move house. It will be an exciting adventure in relocation!

3 thoughts on “Greetings, sugar-rich bee by-product

  1. Anonymous

    book personalization

    so…cute, hehe.
    James, thanks for personalizing the two books I ordered a while ago. I only requested a signature and the word ‘sign’ but you took the time to add drawings. Thanks so much. They were presents for my 11 yr. old brother who had no interest in drawing prior to reading B&S. Yesterday I saw him drawing comic strips entitled ‘Adventures of Super Magic Worm.’ Turns out he’s joined art club at school. I also found a page of doodles of Steve in 30+ disguises! Look what you’ve done Mr. Turner!

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      Re: book personalization

      Wow – that’s really brilliant to hear! I hope your brother does well in his art class, and I’d love to see those steve disguises!


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