Monthly Archives: September 2008

pirates, fairies and comic conventions, oh my!

Ok, it looks like my plan to post more updates has failed miserably, but here is an update anyway! UPDAAAAATE.

I am going to be appearing at the Birmingham International Comics Show next weekend to appear on the DFC comics panel, and I will also be sitting on the DFC table chatting to people and doing sketches (and hopefully sneakily selling a few copies of Beaver and Steve under the table when no one is looking), so if you’d like to say hello make sure you come along!

And here is another picture from the latest series of Super Animal Adventure Squad (The colours seem to have got a bit screwed up converting from CMYK back to RGB, but they are actually kind of pretty) :

I will try to post more images soon. Perhaps ones of my favourite new character: Chippy the magic oven.