Monthly Archives: August 2008

Beaver and Steve skinned alive!

Oh! I forgot to post this little bit of Beaver and Steve fun – one of my readers has put a lot of work into creating a Beaver and Steve skin for Messenger Plus (don’t worry he didn’t actually skin Beaver and Steve and then stretch their bloody pelts across the internet. That would be wrong.) and it looks fantastic:

I especially love all the little icons – look Beaver is on the phone! It is ADOREABLE.
Anyway if you are a person who uses Messenger Plus! (N.B I am not excited by the word ‘plus’ – the exclamation mark is part of the name. The Microsoft corporation is forcing me to be enthusiastic about their product through clever branding.) then you should probably immediately download it here:

Do it now! (N.B now my excitement is genuine)


It feels like far too long since I have posted anything on here – do you still remember me, internet? I’m going to try to get in the habit of posting some art up here a bit more often, partly to encourage myself to draw more, but mostly because I just miss the instant feedback of posting stuff online. Yes! The validation of strangers is the best kind!

Anyway, I have always felt that one of the weakest parts of my art is the inking – I’m usually fairly happy with my scribbly pencils, but when it comes to trying to figure out which line to ink over it always seems to go a bit wrong – so I’ve vowed to try to improve this. As we all know the best way to solve a problem is to throw money at, so I’ve bought myself a few brush pens and started to practice with varying pressure and line width to see if I can produce something that looks if not ‘professional’ then at least ‘sort of nice’. Anyway, here’s one of my first attempts:

Yes! It’s a random old guy in a robe!

My owl style is unbeatable

Watch your step there.