Monthly Archives: June 2008

who is the Sapphire Streak?

Part of the job I did for the Times was to draw the winner of their competition as a superhero, and they finally announced the winner, so here’s the prize picture I drew:

the sapphire streak!

(The name of the winner has been removed to protect her secret identity.) I’m actually quite surprised how well this came out given how bad I am at drawing people – I really hope the winner likes it! I still need to work on my shading though – I just couldn’t get the torso to feel like it had any shape.

I’m excited to reveal that I have a full page illustration in the Times today – if anyone has a copy or can sneak a peak in a newsagents it’s on the Young Times page, page 34 of the Times2 pullout. It came out quite well considering I was up until 5am finishing it! It’s a series of panels telling kids how to draw their own super hero – will try to scan in a copy once I get home.

Has anyone out there read the DFC yet? I’ve read a few reviews and they all seem very positive!