Monthly Archives: May 2008

Decidedly Fantastic Circumstance

I was dead chuffed to see this article in the Times Online earlier this week. Look! I drew that picture!

So it looks like the DFC publicity machine is getting rolling ready for the launch at the end of the month – and best of all, my lovely lady friend and I are invited to the official launch party tomorrow night. I am very excited to have an opportunity to dress up smart (should I wear my fez?), rub shoulders with some famous types (Philip Pullman! Jacqueline Wilson! Woo!), and most importantly of all: free booze and snacks! Score!

I am quite nervous about a lot of things too though; Will I be able to mingle with all these incredibly talented and creative types? Will my fez adequately convey that I am sophisticated, yet artistic? Will there actually be a free bar? And will I end up trying to drunkenly discuss sandwich fillings with Philip Pullman in the toilets? Many dangers await!

Oh, and if anyone knows any small people (or large people) who might like comics there is a special 25% off discount for early bird subscribers to the DFC – you can find out about it here. </hard sell>

Ooh, I think I need to sit down for a bit.