Yesterday I went to a science talk about ampakines (yes, I go to science talks in my spare time. I am that cool), and it was really interesting in an intensely creepy sort of way. See ampakines are smart drugs, that is, drugs that make you smarter. They gave them to a rat and it was able to learn patterns in half the time it would take a normal rat. They then gave the rat some more and were able to teach it things that it is not possible to teach a rat. Yes, they created a super intelligent (and almost certainly evil) rat.

After that they ran human trials and found that people’s performance in memory tests also improved. And I found myself thinking, yes, I would like some ampakines now, where can I get the pills that give me terrifying new brain powers? I think it is pretty excellent that we are approaching a point where we can take a pill that makes us maybe more than human.. but also utterly terrifying in a fantastic science fiction sort of way. It’s sort of creepy, but yes, if the pills were available I think I’d give them a go.

Of course they still haven’t fully explored the possible side effects – I’m assuming they will include the awakening of uncontrollable psychokinetic powers. Here’s hoping.

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  1. i_novander

    I am currently working a meaningless – though surprisingly good, considering – minimum wage job. Where do I sign up to become a test subject/part-time superhero?

    Not enough people use the phrase “here’s hoping” anymore.

  2. skullyflower

    I could tell from your comics you are into science.

    I would hate to think what they would try to charge for a drug like that. All the rich folks will make their children take it, as if they didn’t have enough of an edge on the rest of us already. And what happens if you stop taking it? Do you forget what you formerly understood, ala Flowers for Algernon? or could you take it for a while, get some knowledge, and stop.

    It seems to me that the potential uses for super villainy way out way the super hero applications. Everybody will have their own dooms day device and interesting costume.

  3. skullyflower

    Haa haa. Weird. Just after I commented, I popped in a video to draw to (keeps the discouragement demons occupied) AND it happened to be an “Outer Limits” episode about this very subject. Season 2, Disc 1 Expanding Human. It’ll tell you everything you need to know. Artificially increased intelligence = murderous monster. Simple as that.

  4. ohtowant1thing

    This post made my day. Not only is it a cool idea, but you didn’t bore me to death by posting it like it was a news story.

    And also, you’re awesome. Not to go all fanboy, but of all the web comics I read, you are the only one I’ve bought any merchandise from. Not just one, but two shirts! Rock on, sir. Rock on.


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