Last week I got my first editorial feedback on the two rough strips I have sent to the publisher – my first feedback as (kind of) a professional comic creator! Ooh! The verdict: ‘you have to do these again’.

Ok, so it wasn’t as bad as all that – they liked the script (yay!), and they liked the drawings (woo!), but (and I know I am pretty much always guilty of doing this on Beaver and Steve) in some of the panels I had so much text that it squashed up the pictures, and that has to change.

They don’t want me to remove any of the dialogue (I know I have a tendency to be a little verbose in my scripting, which is what usually causes this problem, but they seem to like it) so I need to figure out a way of rebalancing things – maybe making some panels smaller to allow others more room, or spreading the story out over more episodes so I don’t have to cram as much in per panel. But however I deal with it I am going to have to face my greatest fear: redoing work that I have already finished.

I hate hate hate going back to something that I thought was finished and redoing it from scratch, but I just don’t know if there’s any way I can salvage the work I’ve already done (two weeks of work) – perhaps I can reuse a couple of panels, but I think most of it will have to be completely redrawn. Oh fiddlesticks. Of course a lot of this pain could have been saved if I’d, you know, actually planned the layout of the comics in advance, but really, who’s going to do a thing like that?

Oh well, back to (quite literally) the drawing board…

P.S yesterday I became 30. THIRTY. As if I do not have enough problems already.

14 thoughts on “Feedback!

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      I know! On saturday I was all ‘ah, I am in my twenties and full of the vigor of youth! Tra-la!’, but as soon as midnight struck I felt withered and old. I also have a sudden craving for tartan slippers and werther’s originals.

  1. kyozoku

    I feel compelled to wish you a happy belated birthday, but I’m getting the feeling we’re supposed to be ignoring that it happened at all. >_>

    I hope you had a happy Sunday then. 😀

  2. ultrastefan

    “Measure twice, cut once”.

    It’s not so bad redrawing it, especially if the final product will be perfect. Can’t make an omelette without redrawing panels.

    Also happy Death day!

  3. psykikbunny

    Unfortunately, i think that is the nature of the commissioned-art work you are trying to do.
    My partner (a graphic artist) is always having to re-do pieces of work for her clients.
    Can i suggest subbmitting your rough line drawings/sketches to your clients for approval before you go to all the effort of the final inking/colouring? This is a lesson my partner learnt the hard way.

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      fortunately I hadn’t inked or coloured it yet, otherwise I think I would have been crying and pulling my hair out by now! But I think I could have sent them a much rougher version than I did – I just can’t resist drawing in all the little details as I go along!

  4. rewnad

    In my circle of friends we have a word for those that have transcended the twenties and set out on their journey beyond… Fogue! For me this will remain amusing for at least 2 more years. ^_^

  5. Anonymous


    I turned 30 last november, it isn’t all that bad. Except for all the 29 year old hot chicks calling me ‘sir’ these days. But I kinda learned to enjoy that.

  6. Anonymous


    [quote=James Turner] “P.S yesterday I became 30. THIRTY. As if I do not have enough problems already.” [/quote]

    Ha, ha, ha Points and laughs —>

    Look at it this way, Im 30,yay! At least I’m not 40!


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