Monthly Archives: February 2008


Yesterday I went to a science talk about ampakines (yes, I go to science talks in my spare time. I am that cool), and it was really interesting in an intensely creepy sort of way. See ampakines are smart drugs, that is, drugs that make you smarter. They gave them to a rat and it was able to learn patterns in half the time it would take a normal rat. They then gave the rat some more and were able to teach it things that it is not possible to teach a rat. Yes, they created a super intelligent (and almost certainly evil) rat.

After that they ran human trials and found that people’s performance in memory tests also improved. And I found myself thinking, yes, I would like some ampakines now, where can I get the pills that give me terrifying new brain powers? I think it is pretty excellent that we are approaching a point where we can take a pill that makes us maybe more than human.. but also utterly terrifying in a fantastic science fiction sort of way. It’s sort of creepy, but yes, if the pills were available I think I’d give them a go.

Of course they still haven’t fully explored the possible side effects – I’m assuming they will include the awakening of uncontrollable psychokinetic powers. Here’s hoping.


Last week I got my first editorial feedback on the two rough strips I have sent to the publisher – my first feedback as (kind of) a professional comic creator! Ooh! The verdict: ‘you have to do these again’.

Ok, so it wasn’t as bad as all that – they liked the script (yay!), and they liked the drawings (woo!), but (and I know I am pretty much always guilty of doing this on Beaver and Steve) in some of the panels I had so much text that it squashed up the pictures, and that has to change.

They don’t want me to remove any of the dialogue (I know I have a tendency to be a little verbose in my scripting, which is what usually causes this problem, but they seem to like it) so I need to figure out a way of rebalancing things – maybe making some panels smaller to allow others more room, or spreading the story out over more episodes so I don’t have to cram as much in per panel. But however I deal with it I am going to have to face my greatest fear: redoing work that I have already finished.

I hate hate hate going back to something that I thought was finished and redoing it from scratch, but I just don’t know if there’s any way I can salvage the work I’ve already done (two weeks of work) – perhaps I can reuse a couple of panels, but I think most of it will have to be completely redrawn. Oh fiddlesticks. Of course a lot of this pain could have been saved if I’d, you know, actually planned the layout of the comics in advance, but really, who’s going to do a thing like that?

Oh well, back to (quite literally) the drawing board…

P.S yesterday I became 30. THIRTY. As if I do not have enough problems already.