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to colour or not to colour?

So it looks like I’m going to have to be inking and colouring my super top-secret project myself after all. Here’s what I have finished so far (with all the useful bits removed just to spoil it for you all):
black lines
But I also had a go at trying something a bit new – have a gander at this:
colour lines
Now I like this a lot more, but it did take somewhere in the region of 2 hours to colour all the lines. So the question isn’t ‘does this look better?’, it’s ‘does this look two hours better?’, or perhaps more specifically, ‘would you pay someone to draw the second one, but not pay them a penny for the first?’. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

I did also try an all digital approach doing all the inking and everything via my teeny tiny wacom:
Which looks lovely until you learn one thing: that this took me SIX HOURS. For two unfinished panels. I have a feeling this may not be entirely practical.

A Digg for comics?

I really like the idea of (which in my head I always pronounce as ‘comics-bee U.S.’)- whenever I go on digg or reddit I am always disappointed by just how rubbish the things on the front page are, and so for someone of my minimal attention span the idea of applying this concept only to comics sounds good. But something like this lives or dies by its community, and right now doesn’t have enough people posting new comics, which is kind of a shame – I’ve already found a couple of great new comics by using it (check out “what if batman had a really small brain?“) and I’d like to be able to find more. Perhaps if you lovely readers posted some comics it would get things going?

Though of course if it ever did get popular the front page would probably just end up covered in comics I don’t like… curse you internets!

Virgin Whines

I have periodically been getting requests to join Virgin Wines (a wine delivery ‘club’ here in the UK) in my inbox, each with an offer more generous than the last (first case half price, and comes with a free corkscrew made of diamonds that can predict the future!) and usually they just get deleted automatically. Earlier this week however, I got an email titled ‘reasons not to join’ which piqued my interest just enough to get me to open it and see just what they were up to. And so it was that I got a chance to read the email’s opening pitch:

Dear James

I am not a sensitive person by nature, but I have to say that I am feeling a little hurt. I have invited you to join our Club over and over and you have clearly decided not to.

Needless to say I felt terrible! The lovely Rowan Gormley (none other than the founder of Virgin Wines himself, and so surely a very busy man) had been personally writing me all these messages, and all I do is throw them straight in the bin. No wonder I broke his little heart! By the end of the email he’d clearly begun to lose his temper with me:

So why don’t you join us now and find out what it’s all about for yourself? Not next week, but right now, before I decide not to invite you again.

The hurt I’d caused him was only too clear from these words (I imagined he typed them as tears coursed down his cheeks), so I thought the least I could do was send him a reply and try to smooth things over:

Dear Rowan,

I had no idea that you’d take it so personally – I really feel terrible for hurting your feelings like this. I really admire your determination, how you keep on trying to win me over despite how I continually ignore your advances – to be honest I’m quite flattered! Look, if it would make you feel any better, how about we meet up for a drink some time to make it up to you? You can bring some wine (I hear you’ve got one or two bottles lying around), I’ll bring a pizza, it’ll be fun! Maybe we could play a game of monopoly too?

Hope that’s cheered you up big feller, and if ever you’re feeling down in the dumps again you know you can always drop me a line.



I did wonder if maybe I’d been a little forward, but lo-and-behold, this morning I got my reply:

Dear James,
Depends on the pizza topping…..

Hugs & Kisses


Is he flirting with me? And if so, what pizza topping is the way to a wine executive’s heart? This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. As long as he lets me be the hat.

Oh, and I forgot to post the last member of the team: Agent ‘K’

I’m not sure there’s going to be any comic at all this week, not because I have been working on this project though, just because I am useless.