12 thoughts on “Too… much… GREEN!

  1. Anonymous

    Stop the world, I want to get off

    Ratz says: I would love to think that’s a photoshop job, but oh, grief, I can’t actually believe that. What comes next, giant cockroach brands?

    1. Anonymous

      It might help if beaver and steve switched places.

      What also would be very cool is a kind of Where’s Waldo/Wally spoof with a front with all sorts of characters from the strip (panda’s, moons, suns, shoe faires, then works) and beaver and steve hidden somewhere in the picture. The title could than be “Beaver & Steve Vol.2: Where’s Beaver & Steve?”

  2. tezoar

    it does depend on the background I suppose, but as it stands the zombie dinosaur is hiding Steve a bit too well…


    Oh god I seem to have got confused and thought I was on Threadless there…

  3. mistressdandan


    I think the reason Steve looks so put out is that on this cover, it’s quite clearly Beaver’s show…
    That would be enough to annoy anyone…
    what about if they ALL wore fez-es… would that help?
    probably not…
    maybe you could make the big one eyed monster a bit more yellow?
    make the vampire’s cap red?


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