Tastefully done

Hello folks! I’m having a week off trying to nail this paid comic thing (I don’t want to give too many details because I am already incredible nervous about it, and don’t want to build it up any further than I already have), but so far progress is slow with a capital SL (it is so slow that the second letter is capitalised too). I think I am going to have to trick myself into thinking that it it’s just a webcomic that I am going to give away for free thus instantly removing all pressure. Except, you know, I have to make it really good. Nuts.

Anyway, The real reason of this post is to let you know that there is a new 2008 calendar available that contains a self portrait of yours truly! I’m right there at the top of February. Oh yeah, and did I mention I pictured completely naked? In the buff. Wearing my birthday suit. Starkers. Well, except for my fez of course.

So if you want to see me in all my glory, I suggest you purchase a copy of TASTEFULLY DONE from Lulu where I’m featured alongside 12 other great webcomic artists. It’s all for charity so git going!

One thought on “Tastefully done

  1. Anonymous

    aNILEator: cba to register on here

    I couldn’t be arsed to register on here, good to hear you’ve gone/drawn nude for charity but I don’t think the temptation to see a naked doodle of yourself outweighs £8.30 of a poor students money, flaky crust will at the next UK mini web comix thing (I was the guy with the shiny camcorder this year, thanks for the signature and character montage :P) Unless you plan on selling first few hundred signed 🙂


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