Of book covers and old meat…

I’ve finally found the time to come up with an idea for the cover image for the second Beaver and Steve book, so here’s a little sneak preview of what I’ve got so far:



There’s a lot of work to do still (I think I’m going to put a giant shoe in the background that the ship will be flying around, and I am not even sure what they are all climbing out of yet), but hopefully once it’s all coloured up it will look fairly cover-like. Now I just have to come up with a title – it’s going to be hard not to include the word ‘trouble’ again with a cover like this.

And continuing on the subject of t-shirts I just rediscovered this colourised version of the old old MEAT shirt I printed once upon a time, and I think I rather like it:


Perhaps it’s time for a re-issue…

24 thoughts on “Of book covers and old meat…

  1. teh_king

    It’s excellent! If they were coming out of a shoe then this cover would be perfect for A Shoeful of Trouble. But alas…

    As for a good title. How about: For a Few Troubles More?

  2. hey_friend

    I love how happy Beaver is in the midst of all the craziness. That shirt is hilarious – though I would change the actual shirt color from blue, as not to look too much like Ryan North’s “I am made of meat!” shirt which also has anthropomorphic meat on it.

    PS You should do a print. All the cool kids do it.

  3. kyozoku

    No spitting sun or cloaked moon in that group of characters?

    I guess a giant floating shoe would be better, since *all* rockets make orbits around them sooner or later.

      1. Anonymous

        I’d buy it – and thus guarantee that I’d be the only person in Iceland to own one! Yes! I’m special!

  4. Anonymous

    Too Small…

    That’s what Beaver and Steve are in this picture – the book’s about THEM right? It’s a cool cover, but Beaver and Steve should be at the edges, bordering all that SPOOKINESS, and keeping it from our shores… maybe even B&S in true action hero poses, all crossed arms, and facing away from the crazy….

    Er… I might have got away with myself again…

    Keith (Whatever, I’m still gonna buy the book!)

    1. kaedric

      Re: Too Small…

      Hey, I second this one. The idea of Beaver and Steve trying to somehow contain all the madness that’s escaping from the hole sounds really good!

  5. lutine

    I would really like to friend this journal, as I am a huge fan of the strip. However, I have OCD and cannot have an uneven friends list. So if I add you and you don’t add me back, I will obsessively check my page every ten minutes while weeping. So… will you add me back? Pwease?

  6. Anonymous


    As for what all the characters should be climbing out of: the vest pocket of your purple robe of course. 🙂

    The title should be: Vol. 2: Of mice and men.

    Just because it makes absolutely no sense and thus is cool.

  7. Anonymous

    I would TOTALLY buy the Meat shirt for my vegetarian girlfriend. If you do reissue, make sure womens sizes are represented 🙂

    I would get one for myself, too. As it is an awesome idea.


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