Now with added swooshiness

For those who haven’t seen it already on the main website here’s the latest view of the book cover:


I’ve tried to make the text at the bottom a bit clearer, and I made the rocket flying out look a bit more ‘dynamic’. Or possibly just malformed. I also spent a little time last night (when I should have been sleeping) seeing if this design could also be made into a t-shirt like the previous cover:

I’m still undecided.

I feel terrible about not making any comics this week. I’ve got a great opportunity to possibly do some paid comic work, so I’ve really been putting all my efforts into that, but I am incredibly nervous that whatever I produce will just get me laughed out of the room. There’s a lot less pressure when you’re giving the comics away for free…

9 thoughts on “Now with added swooshiness

  1. skullyflower

    The force of the laugher your comic produce might blow you out of the room, but you’ll be pulled back in and paid and thanked. I’m pretty sure.

    I know you’ll be back. Good luck!

  2. odontomachus

    It is extremely good to hear that you will be creating comics for work! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope to hear more about this endeavour.

    The shirt is very good, though the gravy by the mutant squidmonster looks terribly like blood (I appreciate you have limited colours available – and salute your ability to make it look terrific with just red, green, yellow, grey and brown). Perhaps it is a redcurrant tart rather than at tasty meaty pie?

    The # on the book cover looks to me a little odd – and the writing on the shirt I feel detracts from it. In the same way as the Shoeful of Trouble shirt stands alone and needs no explanation, I feel the shirt would be improved were it nothing but a pie bursting with fabulous creatures. But these are just the grumblings of a congenital critic, and even with the writing the work is a thing of beauty.

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      I was entirely indifferent to the text on the pie tin myself, as I know the issue of text on shirts is a contentious one. It may go or it may stay.
      The # is there only because there was one on book 1, so now I feel contractually obliged to keep it there. I’m tempted to remove the numbering system altogether, so as not to deter people who didn’t buy volume 1 and foolishly expect they might be missing out on some sort of ‘continuity’.

  3. Anonymous

    The Flaky Crust Of Disaster

    Flaky? One does not even notice the crust of disaster in the book cover. Why, it’s not even an after thought. Shouldn’t there be flakes of crust around the base of the tart tin( Yup, it’s a tart tin not a pie pan. Behold it’s fluted lines) as well as a more pronounced look to the crust? However, if the books title is a comment on the artist lack of artistic culinary expressionism well then, that makes sense. Cheers!


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