Hello folks! No comic today because I am doing a big push to try to finally get book 2 finished this week. Hopefully I’ll still have something for you on friday though.

I’m a little annoyed this morning because someone who bought two of my t-shirts has claimed that they didn’t authorise the payment, and so paypal has taken the money back. I don’t know if someone used a stolen credit card to order Beaver and Steve t-shirts or if someone just decided they didn’t want to pay for them and so asked their credit card company for the money back, but either way they got two free t-shirts that I had to pay for. Please remember folks: the comics are FREE, the t-shirts are NOT.

Anyway, to make up for the absence of a comic today, here are a few pages from my sketch book:

Oh my crikey!
INTERESTING FACT! the little square guy and the guy with a triangle for a head are called ‘Elvis and Boxy’. They are the precursors of Beaver and Steve that I used to draw in my university days.


Fatty McFatskull
INTERESTING FACT! I have a hair in my scanner.

I think I just remembered why I don’t post pictures from my sketchbook. They are entirely unfit for human consumption

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s even more annoying when you get stung with the chargeback fee as well. 🙁 Luckily most Internet shoppers are honest.

  2. Anonymous


    Will you be releasing Book 1 as well? I’d like to pick up both. I’ve only become a B+S fan since the book sold out!


      1. snej

        Re: Book

        Please do! I’m another recent convert; my kids and I were guffawing our way through the entire series of strips all weekend (I think we’re up to #170) and we’d love to have them all in print.

  3. kaedric

    I very much like the bearded character in the second set of sketches. I hope he makes an appearance somewhere.

    Also, that’s terrible about the shirts! I bought a shirt from Beaver and Steve a little while back… it was the I (heart) You shirt. It was too precious to pass up.

  4. tanukitsune

    I love these sketches! X3

    It sucks about the paypal thing, something similar happened to me when I was selling my “junk” on Ebay, whoever stole the credit card got the DVD I was selling for free and I had to pay Paypal back AND a fee for their services!

    I’m hoping you’ll have some copies of Vol.2 two left for the UK thing!

      1. thundakat

        I love it all! I demand the small dead looking lightbulb is in the comic.

        You thinking about popping in Birmingham this weekend? Oh and in other news Lancaster is cancelled according to facebook, pretty rubbish I think…

  5. Anonymous

    Paypal thing

    Not that I really understand how Paypal works exactly but surely either yourself or Paypal must have the address where the T-shirts were sent and therefore the address of the thief or whoever may have mistakenly received the Shirts?

    I just don’t get it; if this is indeed a scam just to get some free T-shirts then surely whoever it was must like Beaver and Steve? So why the hell would you want to rip off the guy who makes the strip you like? Especially when you’re doing it for free?

    If you do have an address, I suggest using the power of the internet and your legion of fans to hunt the Jerk down or facebook could be another option? Use your minions to reap swift justice. I for one would be happy to help out.

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      Re: Paypal thing

      I don’t think I want to start some sort of online hate campaign… I did wonder about the address though? Is it the card owner’s address or some scammer? Maybe I will send them a letter…

      1. Anonymous

        Re: Paypal thing

        Surely you have the address of where you sent the t-shirts. Whoever was at that address has the T-Shirts – if it’s the cardpayer’s address and they’ve got t-shirts they didn’t want, then they can send them back. Otherwise it’s the THEIF’s house, and you can get your t-shirts back! Either way, you sent them recorded delivery to an address where you can ask the police to pop over and have a word, or you can send a letter to the address to ask for the shirts back first?

        Keith (and if they don’t reply, let the hate mail begin!)

  6. moovok

    So you mean all this time I could have bought a t-shirt and got it for free? Bah 😛 Only kidding man, that sucks definately! I dread to think someone doing that for the Kid’s Book, I’d physically hunt them and KILL them, especially since it’s coming from a charity!

  7. Anonymous

    theft and capitalism

    careful, babs, you are giving bad people good ideas! i definitely encourage vigilanteism, even if it takes the form of a comic strip.

    also, please do everything you can to reprint book one. if you bring it back, i will buy both.


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