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So, I’m back at work today, but the ‘project’ is almost finished. One of the cool things about this project is that I’m going to be working with another great artist – while I love doing the pencils I’ve always hated inking (it’s basically like drawing everything you’ve just drawn all over again, and you can’t rub it out if you make a mistake) and I’m terrible at colouring, but fortunately my pal Brandon swooped in and offered to do all the boring parts for me (haha! The fool!), so here’s a look at what he’s done to my characters:


I think they look great – I can’t wait to see what he does with the final piece! I’ve made sure to put in a tonne of tiny fiddly details in it just to really make him really hate me.


Sorry about the lack of update today folks, but I’m still working hard on this side project – it was going nowhere for the first few days, but it finally came together yesterday and now I’m steaming ahead. Here’s a little view of some of the characters from the project – I hope you folks like ’em!

the team!

Tastefully done

Hello folks! I’m having a week off trying to nail this paid comic thing (I don’t want to give too many details because I am already incredible nervous about it, and don’t want to build it up any further than I already have), but so far progress is slow with a capital SL (it is so slow that the second letter is capitalised too). I think I am going to have to trick myself into thinking that it it’s just a webcomic that I am going to give away for free thus instantly removing all pressure. Except, you know, I have to make it really good. Nuts.

Anyway, The real reason of this post is to let you know that there is a new 2008 calendar available that contains a self portrait of yours truly! I’m right there at the top of February. Oh yeah, and did I mention I pictured completely naked? In the buff. Wearing my birthday suit. Starkers. Well, except for my fez of course.

So if you want to see me in all my glory, I suggest you purchase a copy of TASTEFULLY DONE from Lulu where I’m featured alongside 12 other great webcomic artists. It’s all for charity so git going!

Now with added swooshiness

For those who haven’t seen it already on the main website here’s the latest view of the book cover:


I’ve tried to make the text at the bottom a bit clearer, and I made the rocket flying out look a bit more ‘dynamic’. Or possibly just malformed. I also spent a little time last night (when I should have been sleeping) seeing if this design could also be made into a t-shirt like the previous cover:

I’m still undecided.

I feel terrible about not making any comics this week. I’ve got a great opportunity to possibly do some paid comic work, so I’ve really been putting all my efforts into that, but I am incredibly nervous that whatever I produce will just get me laughed out of the room. There’s a lot less pressure when you’re giving the comics away for free…


I have made the shocking decision to make the cover RED. I made this decision very late at night though, so in the cold light of day I may change my mind. We shall just have to wait and see. But look! A title! And a pie!

Hello folks! No comic today because I am doing a big push to try to finally get book 2 finished this week. Hopefully I’ll still have something for you on friday though.

I’m a little annoyed this morning because someone who bought two of my t-shirts has claimed that they didn’t authorise the payment, and so paypal has taken the money back. I don’t know if someone used a stolen credit card to order Beaver and Steve t-shirts or if someone just decided they didn’t want to pay for them and so asked their credit card company for the money back, but either way they got two free t-shirts that I had to pay for. Please remember folks: the comics are FREE, the t-shirts are NOT.

Anyway, to make up for the absence of a comic today, here are a few pages from my sketch book:

Oh my crikey!
INTERESTING FACT! the little square guy and the guy with a triangle for a head are called ‘Elvis and Boxy’. They are the precursors of Beaver and Steve that I used to draw in my university days.


Fatty McFatskull
INTERESTING FACT! I have a hair in my scanner.

I think I just remembered why I don’t post pictures from my sketchbook. They are entirely unfit for human consumption

Of book covers and old meat…

I’ve finally found the time to come up with an idea for the cover image for the second Beaver and Steve book, so here’s a little sneak preview of what I’ve got so far:



There’s a lot of work to do still (I think I’m going to put a giant shoe in the background that the ship will be flying around, and I am not even sure what they are all climbing out of yet), but hopefully once it’s all coloured up it will look fairly cover-like. Now I just have to come up with a title – it’s going to be hard not to include the word ‘trouble’ again with a cover like this.

And continuing on the subject of t-shirts I just rediscovered this colourised version of the old old MEAT shirt I printed once upon a time, and I think I rather like it:


Perhaps it’s time for a re-issue…