Hello livejournal!

Ok, after comparing it with all the other possibilities I think I am going to try making this my ‘official’ blog. For those that are interested in keeping scores, the reasons for not choosing the others were thus:

vox: won’t allow comments from non-registered users.
facebook notes: made out of LIES.
20six: broke my heart and made it so I can never trust again.
mySpace: oh god no, a thousand times no.

Anyway, to start the ball rolling here is my test of the new sketchcast drawing/blogging/podcasting thing:


14 thoughts on “Hello livejournal!

    1. eruditebaboon Post author

      Oh! My first livejournal comment! How exciting!

      Thanks for the offer, but I have been so rubbish at updating lately (and by lately I mean ‘the last year’) and I want to get back to doing the comic myself! In fact I wasn’t even supposed to be running any guest strips, but after the whole ‘Ryan Estrada takes over the internet’ thing I just got lazy! Normal comics from now on! Please don’t tempt me to slack off more!

      In future I hope to answer livejournal comments without ending every sentence in an exclamation mark.

  1. Anonymous

    My Space

    Only a thousand times no? I say 10,000 times no. You wouldn’t like the the new Yahoo one either Y!Mash. Yes the Exclamation mark is part of the title.

  2. blackbear88

    I was all set to chide you for not even considering blogger, which represents all that is good and light in the world of blogging, without the annoyingnesses of LJ… but the sketchcast was so completely hilarious that my chiding mechanisms were disabled. Curse you, baboon, you have won this round!

    Oh well, that’s why I keep the LJ account; to post wantonly in the comments of others. As long as I’m here, I should mention that I keep a printout of a Beaver and Steve comic on the wall of my office at work, and I judge my coworkers entirely on whether they read it and laugh hysterically, or read it and go “er…. what?”

    Also thanks for the link to Trade Loeffler, he’s great stuff!

  3. Anonymous

    good choice of blog site

    yes, you’ve definately done well to choose this one. For a change i dont feel the need to leave imediately and pretend i’ve grown to cool for the interwebs all the kiddies are using these days.

    can’t wait for more regular beaver and steve updates, and bring on more cool tshirts and i’ll buy em.


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